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You too can transform your Calgary yard into an urban oasis, just like the ones you see in those glossy magazines! You may already have spent considerable time visualizing how you would like your landscaping to be developed, and now need to get the plan underway.

A good landscape renovation plan will include both “hardscape” features such as walkways, retaining walls, courtyard, patio, decking, play area, and gazebo, as well as “softscape” features like sod, planting beds, rock garden, water feature, trees, shrubs and maybe a vegetable garden? Water management for positive drainage and sprinkler systems should be a prime consideration when grading, sloping and placing hardscape features. Your yard and budget may be large enough to accommodate all of the above, but if not, try to choose those elements that fit the scale and contour of front, side and rear yard areas. Also, think about how the sun tracks across the sky in Calgary, particularly in the spring, summer and fall months, when placing your plant materials.

There is a lot to consider when executing an extensive landscape renovation plan! You will want to end up with a great, year-round ambiance, functional activity areas and beautiful, sustainable planting beds. Let us now plant a small seed for you to think of Channel.

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Imagine that your yard looks like a beautiful park. Now imagine that you have all the help you need to actually make that a reality! A dream come true, with the right mix of planning, pricing and landscape construction expertise.

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