Five Keys To A Successful Renovation – #3 – Manage Your Household

Manage Your Household

The partnership with your chosen contractor will be one of joint responsibility for certain components of your project.  One of the most important aspects will be the “work-around”… how the contractor and the trades work in a respectful, well organized way around your family during the build and how you, family members and pets work (live) safely and comfortably around the unavoidable and inconvenient construction activities.

Everyone (including visiting grandmas) needs to be in-the-loop about what to expect at a given time in the process.  This is an especially important safety issue, particularly when structural changes are being made.  Your contractor’s schedule (updated regularly) will be a valuable guide to organizing family activities around demolition/reconstruction and temporary interruption in services, such as water, power & heat.  Regular communication will ensure that showers will have hot water when needed, appliances are powered-up and the furnace is generating adequate heat.  You will need a designated “comfort-zone” away from the disruption so all can relax without stress.  Kids may feel like it’s all fun, like camping out, but pets (especially older ones) may not cope well without a quiet place to hide out.  If necessary, temporary activity areas can be set up, such as sleeping and play spaces.  Certain kitchen appliances can be moved and activated in a basement or other alternate area.  Vehicles may have to be parked off-site if your driveway or garage are part of the renovation project.

These are just a few examples of measures that may have to be taken to ensure your family’s comfort and safety during construction.  You could always move out for the duration, of course, but if that is not an option, daily communication with your contractor will go a long way to making this event an exciting one!  As in other parts of life, patience will serve you well through this upgrading process.  For more on that topic, see our next FIVE KEYS installment – PATIENCE AS A VIRTUE. 

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“Before-You-Build” Series #4 – Interior Tips

Given the popularity of the “open-concept” these days, it’s wise to consider the impact of removing interior walls prior to getting too far along with planning your interior renovation. If your plan does include wall removal, what are those important structural issues that need to be addressed?

From a cursory inspection of both basement and attic, an engineer or experienced builder can tell you if your wall is “load-bearing”. For example, if there is no beam or teleposts below this wall in the basement, odds are that there are no upper loads (roof, truss, upper level) being transferred down to the foundation through your wall, and it can be removed without structural risk. If there are teleposts and a beam, your wall is definitely carrying upper loads, but don’t despair! The wall can usually be removed, but with the introduction of a ceiling beam that transfers the upper load(s) off this wall onto new “point-load” locations. This new beam will either be a “drop-beam” (visible) or a “flush-beam” (up in the ceiling). All a bit technical, but this is why there are experts to advise you.

Safety and structural integrity considerations require that you obtain an engineer’s report and a building permit for this type of work. Also, similar “loading” issues can come up when planning to remove/reconfigure walls in a basement or second story, or when planning a main, second level or bonus-room (over-garage) addition, so be sure to consult a design professional who has the appropriate technical skills.

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Interior renovation in the Calgary community of Woodbine

Interior renovation in the Calgary community of Woodbine

Interior renovation in the Calgary community of North Glenmore Park

Interior renovation in the Calgary community of North Glenmore Park