“‘Tis The Season” Series – #2 – Winter


WINTER (Dec/Jan/Feb) is the season when NEW is on many minds…for example, what will the NEW Year bring?  A NEW Custom Home perhaps?  Or a complete NEW Home Renovation?  If that IS what’s on your mind, making the choice between building new or renovating can leave you totally torn!

There are many factors to consider, but the first should always be LOCATION.  Do you want to stay where you are, or would another neighborhood be more desirable? Is your current property more suited to renovation or redevelopment?  If you do choose to source a more suitable property, would you renovate or build new there?  Once those questions have been answered, a Realtor may be needed if your decision is to relocate.  In either case, a design professional (architect, architectural designer or interior designer) and a builder will need to be engaged.  It’s often a good idea to begin with a full-service residential builder such as Channel, as we have access to a selection of designers and can recommend one that seems best suited to your project.  Also, a builder can provide early-stage advice regarding comparative project-type costs, timelines, design & technical issues, as well as the often complex permitting process.

The FALL & WINTER months are a good time to begin serious planning for either a new build or a major renovation, and with typical lead times of 4-8 months, either type of project could well be underway before year’s end.  Take the guesswork out of the equation and give Channel a call…there is no charge for consultation meetings!


“Before-You-Build” Series #6 – Landscaping Tips

The term “curb-appeal” is usually an important talking point when buying or selling a home, but it’s also high priority for those homeowners who take pride in the appearance of their property. Much of that street-side appeal will be attributed to the diversity of the landscaping features, both “hard” and “soft”.

Good landscape design will take into account the entire property, of course, not just the front area. Your plan could include “hard” elements such as concrete, paver & stone walkways/patios, block & stone retaining walls, wood decks, fencing & gazebos, barbeques and water features, and also “soft” features like grass, planting beds, trees & shrubs. Beneath it all should be a well thought-out contour/placement layout that takes into account traffic patterns, activity areas and all important drainage. The last thing you want is water pooling around your home’s foundation walls, either from miss-directed run-off, over-watering of foundation plantings or downpipes directing water into window-wells! A well-planned underground sprinkler system will deliver measured amounts of water to specific areas of your yard, at pre-scheduled times when the air is cool.

Once your design professional has combined all the elements you have chosen to create your own personal “oasis” plan, you should be ready to build well-functioning, beautifully detailed, climate-appropriate activity areas for the whole family to enjoy!

Why not contact a knowledgeable Channel Custom Builders representative for more timely thoughts, BEFORE-YOU-BUILD?

Landscape renovation in the Calgary community of North Glenmore Park

Landscape renovation in the Calgary community of North Glenmore Park

Landscape renovation in the Calgary community of North Glenmore Park

Landscape renovation in the Calgary community of North Glenmore Park