Five Keys To A Successful Renovation – #4 – Patience As A Virtue

The plumber is late, they delivered the wrong kitchen sink, there is no hot water for showers and the family cat has disappeared, but don’t panic!  The site supervisor is at the door and will have all issues resolved in minutes (look for the cat in the laundry hamper).  The renovation process can be a frustrating one at times, but with competent planning and supervision and a few deep breaths on your part along the way, it will all be just fine in the end.

Home renovation work is inherently disruptive, so it’s important for all family members to develop a flexible mindset from the outset to avoid frustration.  Kids, pets, Grandma (and Mom & Dad) all have differing needs and expectations, so regular family meetings based on your site supervisor’s regular updates will help maintain a relaxed daily routine.  Unexpected site circumstances can create a change in plans that affect the family dynamic, so we like to speak in terms of goals rather than fixed deadlines, which underpins the idea of keeping an open mind to avoid potential stress!  Taking it all in stride and supporting your builder’s actions will reinforce the positive nature of your relationship, resulting in the kind of exciting, rewarding experience you had initially hoped for.

Being aware that there will be ongoing issues to be addressed will prepare you for a process that can require a calm and timely pivot in your daily plans, but as your project nears completion, occasional changes in routine will now be second nature and totally secondary to anticipation of your Grand Plans becoming a welcome reality.  Almost time to celebrate!  You won’t need any guidance for that, but have a look at our final FIVE KEYS installment anyway – CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS!

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